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Xeriscaping Low Water/ Low Maintenance Landscaping

With the advent of a more environmentally conscious approach to landscaping design and maintenance, as well as a desire to reduce grounds maintenance to a more efficient level, xeriscaping has become increasingly popular with our clients in recent years.


Our company founder, Brian Swiff, learned the often challenging but always rewarding art of xeriscaping design and installation decades ago on the arid plains of West Texas. He learned that there are areas that simply will not grow traditional plants and trees for lack of water, hostile soil conditions, and even strong prevailing winds. He also learned that it is still possible to develop a beautiful and hardy landscape treatment for such areas.

Over the years, many of our customers have enjoyed this type of landscaping on their properties located in the Southwest and have asked that we provide similar designs and installations for their Georgia mountain homes. Through the use of native plantings, natural stone creations, erosion prevention, and selective lighting (if desired), it is possible to achieve beautiful and even dramatic landscape areas without creating a high maintenance, high dollar solution. We will be glad to assist you with a xeriscaping project, no matter whether it’s a small meditation space in your garden or your whole yard. Just give us a call.