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Peace of Mind “While You Are Away” Service

Many of our customers are part time residents, with another place at the beach or even as far away as the West Coast. We sometimes get calls from them such as “We saw on the national news that there was a bad storm in Northeast Georgia and we would like for you to go by our house and see that it's okay.” Time permitting we have usually been able to check out their places and give them a call (or more often, now it’s an e-mail). With the more frequent weather events of the past few years, we've had some customers suggest that we work out something with them to check their places on a scheduled basis.


They say it simply gives them “peace of mind” to know that everything is okay and that is how this service started. Here’s what this little service package includes:

  • On an agreed upon schedule, we’ll check your yard for downed limbs, power lines, unusual earth erosion and weather event damage that we can view during the walk around.
  • We will visually inspect patios, decks, and verandahs for broken limbs or other damage. Limbs up to 3 inches in diameter will be removed to a predetermined compost brush pile area. We will call your or email you and advise you if larger limbs have fallen and if there is any apparent damage. We can also help get a tree services provider to the site (or provide you with the contact information, if you wish) per your request.
  • We will visually inspect your roof, as far as possible without using ladders or climbing equipment. Any apparent roof damage or the presence of large limbs will be reported to you ASAP. We can also help you get in touch with the appropriate service provider to do any removal and repairs, per your instruction.
  • Anything else that may need addressing will be reported to you. We also will advise of any packages or other deliveries that have been left outside for you. Based on your instructions, we will take the package to a neighbor or anywhere else close by that you wish. (Who wants to find a soggy box of holiday pastries from a distant relative waiting for you on your porch when you arrive for the summer season in May?!!)
  • We aim to please and can also provide other basic yard and grounds service while you are away. Give us a call and we can discuss this service further if you wish. Again, you may be surprised at how little “peace of mind” costs.