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Welcome Home Service

This may seem like an odd name for a service offered by a landscaping service but it came from several frantic calls over the years from homeowners who were due to arrive for the season and were in a major bind to get the areas outside their homes cleaned up and presentable because guests (or quite quite often, what sounded to us like critical relatives) were arriving at almost the same time and there simply was not time to get the inside of the house as well as the outside shaped up (and also buy a few groceries and do a little cooking.)


We understand the pressures of time and how much there is to do to get things back in order after a long absence. So, rather than do this on an unplanned basis, with a lot of time consuming communication back and forth with the customer, we came up with this popular little package of services:

  • We will clear off the last 100 feet of driveway (or we can discuss it if you want the entire length done) to your house of limbs, pine cones, leaves and other debris on paved driveways or pick up debris and clean up as well as we can on natural or unpaved driveways.
  • We will clear exterior sidewalks and steps of limbs, pine cones, leaves, pine straw, etc., and power blow clean.
  • We will sweep out or blow clean the front porch entry space and patios. This includes power blow cleaning of outdoor furniture on decks and patios.
  • We will remove any cobwebs, pine straw, and leaves from outside the front and rear doors with a soft touch wand. We will also spray and wipe down the door glass and door hardware with high quality cleaning products and micro-fiber cleaning cloths.
  • Finally, if there are any newspapers, flyers, posters, junk mail, or other discarded items on your porch or in your driveway, we will pick them up and place them in a disposable box or bag and leave for your review or discard.

If you wish, give us a call, tell us when you will be arriving, and we will have this done and your place standing tall when you arrive. We offer this service at an extremely reasonable price on a first come, first serve basis. Please call ahead since we book up on this pretty quickly for spring and early summer arrivals each year.