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boutique plant and tree selection

Boutique Landscaping Plant and Tree Selection

Over the years we have received requests from old and new customers to help them go beyond simply picking out some plants and trees and doing some periodic pruning and other maintenance tasks. These customers usually have an idea of what they want to see as far as their yard or grounds but little knowledge (or in some cases, simply inadequate spare time) of how to get there.


We have come to offer customers such as these a more specialized design and selection service (hence our rather pretentious use of the “Boutique Landscaping” term). Here are some of the services we offer in this package:

  • We’ll schedule a design and and selection session with you to share your goals for your yard, outdoor planters, flower beds or entire estate. This will include a slow walking tour of your selected planting areas, yard or grounds surrounding your home. Suggestions will be made with regard to the type of flowers, plants or trees that would seem best suited to the location, available sunlight, and apparent soil type for each planting. By the end of the session a rough plan and list of possible plant selections will be developed. A finished suggestion list will be provided to you, along with proposed prices, within a week of the work session. The plan will include suggestions for type of flower, plant or tree by each location and time of year best for planting.
  • You may use the list to begin purchasing and planting your selections or we will be glad to prepare the planting site and provide purchasing, delivery and installation if you wish.
  • Just let us know when you want to pursue this service option. Our pricing will be very reasonable, with pleasing results guaranteed.