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In It for the Long Term

Brian Swiff, our founder and company owner, is a native Texan who over two decades ago came to the North Georgia mountains, fell in love with them and never left.

Brian is not your average business guy who looks only at the bottom line. While he certainly makes a fair profit and pays the bills, he has learned over the past four decades in this business that a long term customer relationship and word of mouth advertising by happy customers are all important aspects of a successful business.

He believes in delivering the best service possible at the lowest reasonable cost. He also believes in treating his employees well by treating them like he would like to be treated.

Services Offered

  • Traditional Yard and Garden Maintenance Services
  • New Residential Landscape Design and Establishment Service
  • Retaining Wall, Stone Stairs, “Dry Creek Bed”, Water Gardens, Ponds and Fountains, Erosion Control, and Terraced Stone Bordered Yard and Garden Installations
  • Boutique Landscape Planning, Plant Selections and Installation
  • Peace of Mind “While You Are Away” Service
  • Xeriscaping Low Water/Low Maintenance Services
  • “Welcome Home” Service
  • Other One-Time Services and Consultations