How it Works

About 3-4 weeks before a semester begins an announcement of classes offered along with instructions for your options will be available. This Registration Packet will be delivered by email/text message. It will include a way to obtain the List of Classes and the printable Registration Form. It will also include a link to the online paperless registration interface.

EAGLE offers an online "paperless" option for you to register your choice of classes. The traditional option of a paper Registration form will still be available for anyone who prefers it. Either option is equally valid and our system of assignment to classes will automatically give paper filers a bump-up in the waiting list for classes. This bump-up serves to level the playing field and compensates for the time required to mail the form.

Registration is accomplished for one individual at a time. Repeat the process if additional members of your household wish to be registered for classes.

To use the online paperless option, the registrant must already be in our active EAGLE Mailing list. Anyone who has recently participated in EAGLE and given us an email address that is still valid, will be in the active EAGLE Mailing list. You join (or rejoin) the list by visiting the EAGLE website and clicking "Join Our Mailing List". There you can give us your current contact information and we'll add you to our active list.

If someone who is not in the active list attempts to use online paperless registration, they will be directed to use the printable paper form.

Some classes fill up quickly, so be prompt with your application. REGISTRATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ON A "FIRST IN" BASIS based on the exact time you complete the online paperless Registration form or when we receive your paper form (adjusted as described above for a bump-up). Telephone, emailed or hand delivered registrations cannot be accepted.

  • The registration fee is $30.00 per semester, even if you take more than one class.
  • Catered box lunch (cold) is $9.00 each lunch and must be paid a week in advance. Make your lunch reservation for your first day on whichever option for registration you used. Coffee, water, and tea are provided free, even for brown baggers.
  • Make your check payable to NMC-EAGLE. Your check should include the $30.00 registration fee plus $9.00 if you want to buy lunch. DO NOT INCLUDE SUPPLY FEES IN THIS CHECK.
  • Paper form registrants: Mail your paper Registration Form along with your check.
  • Paperless (online) registrants: Please mail your check.
  • All mail MUST be sent to our PO Box (not to our street address):
    P.O. Box 426
    Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571
  • You will be notified if you are accepted in the class or classes of your choice. We notify by email and/or text message. If a class was already filled when we received your application, you will also be notified of that result.
  • In case of inclement weather, we will follow the White County School system schedule. If the White County schools are closed due to weather, we will also be closed.