Artist's Bio

At the age of twenty-one, DeDe Vogt became a working, professional writer/musician and never looked back. She joined the vibrant music community of Atlanta, based her career out of the jewel city of the south and fervently pursued her original brand of writing, playing and performing.

photo by David Greear The Atlanta music scene at that time was host to many friends and notable artists - The Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins, Michelle Malone, Caroline Aiken, Jan Smith, Cass Kennedy, Cy Timmons, Ricky Keller, Kristen Hall, Billy Pilgrim, Wendy Bucklew, Bernadine Mitchell, Don Conoscenti, Paul Mitchell, Judy Argo, Banks and Shane and Melanie Hammet to name just a few. Though competition for work was fierce, the community of musicians' appreciation for each other was always a bonding factor. The support among peers was prevalent and everyone benefitted. Atlanta was a special city because, if one was good, one could get shows, promote and play original music and actually get paid. (What a concept!) Live, original music was everywhere and being presented with great energy, love and diversity.

As well as playing solo, DeDe produced and recorded numerous artists at her well-known studio, Sound and Fury, and was founding member of two ever popular bands, Paper Dolls and Cowboy Envy, both of which enjoyed long lives and numerous touring adventures.

An Eddie's Attic favorite, Michelle Malone, admired DeDe's gift by stating, "She is the backbone of the acoustic scene." The Indigo Girls certainly took notice and DeDe received a gold record for her bass work appearing on two cuts of their national debut album.

Known for her premier talents on bass, mandolin and guitar, DeDe still shows the world how to harmoniously blend diverse musical genres into sweet melodies punctuated by strong songwriting.